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Unboxing Foscam AC1080 Action Camera (English)

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I recently got a brand new action cam from Foscam  to record my adventure in the Titan Desert race.

I intend to fully record my race, so I needed an action cam with a long lasting battery to be able to use it for more than 2 hours. My idea is to swap batteries when I stop for refuelling or I will try to use a powerbank.

This is how it comes in the box:

And it is delievered with:
- Camera
- Waterproof case
- USB to Micro-USB cable
- Battery
- Remote Control
- 1/4 Tripod Mount
- Flat Adhesive Mount
- Vented Adhesive Mount


- Size: 6.6 x 4.6 x 3.3 cm (2.6 x 1.8 x 1.3 inches), about 90g
- Integrated 1.5 inch LCD
- Waterproof case 60M (196 FT), shockproof 2M and dustproof
- Waterproof remote (signal distance 15-20M)
- Digital Image Stabilizer (DIS)
- FULL HD 1080P 30fps, 720P 60 or 30 fps and smaller options for recording
- 4x digital zoom (720p)
- Audible record start/stop indicator
- View angle: 170 degree
-  12MP picture
- Contrast, ISO, Metering adjustment
- One button back to pre-record mode
- Pause and seamless recording
- 180 degree upside down video/image
- Lithium battery: max 2.5 hours, 1000mAh
- H.264 advanced compression, HDMI output

My first impressions:

Exterior: is lightweight and very user-friendly.
LCD screen: just correct, could be better but enough. You are not really going to use it to view videos.
I would have liked if it had a way to screw it to an standard tripod mount to avoid having to use it with the protection housing. It would be good for interiors.
There are some video quality recording options but I think that the 1080p and 720p should allow a bit more configurating options. For example the bitrate for both of them are very high therefore the videos are very big.
3 years ago I had to buy 37 cameras for a video surveillance project and they were 3 MPx, its videos didn't require such an amount of space. They were Axis surveillance cameras.
I would have liked if you could take a picture during a video recording.
The image is quite stable and works well when you jump or it vibrates, it hasn't got any pixels lag. The microphone quality is quite good even in the protection housing.
The software provided for video editing is quite simple and easy to use. It's a very good idea.
The surfboard and helmet stickers are quite good, the same as the gopro. However it can't be used for a bike helmet or for the bike handlebar. I have ordered one for my helmet and for the bike in Amazon. I have tried to use it with the some gopro accesories and they work perfectly.
Video quality and pictures:
I haven't been able to do a decent recording because it is raining here a lot and I hope to be able to use it next week.



Waterproof casing:


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